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Design Services, Furniture, Accessories & More

So you want to change things up a bit? Get ready. When you hire us to design/redesign your living space, the first question our Interior Motives professional designer will ask is not going to be about color or style. It won’t even be about your budget. We’re going to ask, “What is your favorite thing about this space?”

Our next question may be, “What is your least favorite thing?” The point is we listen. Next to designing, it’s what we do best.

Because when it comes down to it, your home or office — wherever you spend a good deal of your time living and working, should reflect who you are and how you like to live. The thought of going home should put a smile on your face — and not just on Fridays at 5:00 p.m.

That’s why we work so closely with you, paying attention to all the little details that make your new living space perfect for you and your family.

Now it’s time to get comfortable; get happy; and get great furniture and home accessories … at prices that will make you even happier. We offer everything from architectural planning and project management to area rugs and wall art, which you can see up close and personal in our furniture and accessories showroom.

In the end, we’ll give you a one-of-a-kind design experience that exceeds your expectations but not your budget. Our goal is simple: whether you book a full redesign or a refresh and accessorize, we want to see you smile. No pressure — just quality furniture and accessories, top-notch service, and out-and-out value.

Kitchens & Baths

Design matters in your home, not only in the more formal areas where you greet visitors and guests or entertain friends, but also in the areas we tend to think of as being more functional—like kitchens and baths.

The kitchen could easily be the busiest room in your home; doesn’t it deserve to be designed to function in a way that’s best suited to you and your family? Whether you entertain in the kitchen or use it mainly for the microwave (your secret is safe with us) it needs to be a space that works for you.

No longer necessarily the smallest room in the house, a bathroom is a space that can readily reflect your personal design style. Luxury, spa, you name it—we love to help you create a bath that will get your day off to a good start.

An inconvenient kitchen or bath can be a drain on your energy. Interior Motives can bring beauty and function to these hard working spaces.


I have so much good to say about Interior Motives!!!  It is difficult to find a interior design service around my area that offers both professional guidance and a store chock full of beautiful furniture and accessories. Interior Motives offers both. The great thing is, Angie and her fabulous staff will be there to offer any help if needed without following you around the store constantly asking if “I’m finding everything ok!” I appreciate their friendliness and fun side without being pushy. As an Interior Designer, I love the comfortable feeling I get when I shop there due to their fabulous hospitality. It keeps me coming back and this is the first place I will bring a client so they can enjoy the same friendly and helpful experience so their choices for their home makes them happy without intimidation.

Susan Hagen Interiors


We decided to update our kitchen as our family has grown with grandchildren and son-in-laws. Angie helped us remodel the living area in 2002 when we purchased this 1957 home. The view is great but the house had not been updated for about 20 years. We loved the first remodel. So we approached her on ideas for our kitchen. Wow, the end result is more than we could have imagined! She showed us computer generated drawings before the demo. We were gone for 2 months which was great for the dirty work. Periodically she emailed us videos and kept us in the loop. We trust her and are thrilled with the results.. She is great with the Retro look we wanted with a modern feel. She then helped us with all the furniture selections. We just hosted a family get together with about 50 people and everyone loved the new look. Thanks Interior Motives!



While I had worked with Angie on interior design of my previous home, she was instrumental in getting the home we built 2 years ago done with no detail left unattended and the design elements were well thought out and executed to perfection. She knew the look we were going for and went above and beyond making it happen. I have details that I never thought in a million years would work…and not only did it turn out amazing but it’s unique and reflects our family perfectly. Our home wouldn’t be the show stopper it is without her. And she continues to help me add touches to it that make it even better which I didn’t think was possible. She works with your budget and listens to your needs and wishes. I don’t know that I ever want my house to be “finished” because it’s so fun to see what idea we can incorporate next!



Just love working with Angie Rockenbaugh…. owner of Interior Motives. She is so creative with your vision in mind… even when you didn’t even know it was your vision. The most amazing surprise to me was that Angie was never in my house… we did everything through emails and a few phone calls. Her color choices are spot on and her vision is impeccable. I would highly recommend this Company for any decorating projects no matter how big or small.

Karen G.


We recently moved into a new home and Interior Motives had everything I needed to complete the look I wanted. Angie and Cindy were very helpful and great to work with!



Angie does a fantastic job of working with your space and making it beautiful. She is proficient at everything from revising layouts and working with construction teams to selecting finishing touches. She listens to what you want and adds her ideas to come up with a design. She is also very good at using items you already have in the design. I speak from experience, as I have worked with her on numerous projects including a large whole house renovation as well as single room and small design consults.

Karen H



At Interior Motives we are so blessed; we get to talk about design all day long. And we get to work with customers who are as excited about it as we are.Because of that we understand that everyone has a unique style. Sometimes that means custom designed options.
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Whether you live in an apartment or multistory home, our professional designers can help you create the environment that will make your house a haven — a place to relax, entertain, and express your personal style.
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In addition to professional design services, Interior Motives has its own Furniture & Accessories Boutique, offering a wide selection of furniture, fixtures, accessories, and specialty gifts for any occasion — ready for delivery to your home.
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For more than 25 years our designers have offered Interior Motives’ customers a one-of-a-kind experience to fit their one-of-a-kind lifestyles. That’s what it’s all about right? That your home, your office, the places you spend the most time as a person and a professional reflect who you are, what you love to do, and how you like to live.
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